Day 1: Computer Vision, Icebreakers, and more!

Although we have only had one day at SAILORS, the campers have already learned a little about computer vision, dived into their research projects, and acquainted themselves with AI PhD students, professors, and their fellow peers.

The day kicked off with a breakfast and a warm welcome from the AI community. After that, Olga Russakovsky, program director and PhD student, led an engaging discussion exploring the importance of computer vision. Campers were exposed to the techniques robots used to differentiate objects from one another as well as the impact that computer vision could have in the real world.


After the lecture, students embarked upon a tour of the Stanford campus and the engineering buildings. SAILORS staff members delivered entertaining descriptions that were dotted with personal experiences during the tour.


Campers then enjoyed a relaxing lunch outside on the grass, where they had the opportunity not only to get to know each other better but also to converse with AI lab members.


After lunch and the icebreakers, students had their first session of their research projects. These projects aimed to implement AI into real world situations in order to help humans. Research project topics include making hospitals safer with computer vision, assisting disaster relief with natural language processing, decoding DNA and finding meaning in the genome, and predicting the future of personal transportation with self driving cars.

With the conclusion of day one, the mentors and teachers of SAILORS hope that the campers are as excited as they are for day two and the rest of the week!

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