Day 3: Biomedical Informatics, the Fisher’s Exact Test, and GirlCode

Day 3 of SAILORS kicked off with a breakfast and lecture with Prof. Marina Sirota, who introduced the topic of biomedical informatics to the campers. The students learned about how biomedical data, when used hand in hand with AI, can be utilized to improve the problem solving process in human health.


A tutorial on Fisher’s exact test followed the lecture. The girls learned that this test is used to determine the significance of the association between two characteristics. Students also had the opportunity to try out the test with tutorials on their laptops.

A social lunch with campers of GirlCode, a summer programming camp at Stanford, followed the morning activities. After that, students learned about effective scientific communication. The presenter, PhD student Marius Cătălin Iordan, gave tips on how to deliver great presentation.

Students took notes and practiced techniques on how to give an effective presentation during this activity.

The day concluded with a session with the research projects. Students in the natural language processing project learned about probability with red and green grapes, while self-driving car campers coded their robots to follow a line. Campers in both the genome and the computer vision projects learned new concepts and furthered their skills in Python.

Campers in the natural language processing research project enjoyed a lesson about probability outside.

We can’t wait for day 4, and we hope that the girls are just as excited as we are for the days to come!

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