Day 5: Social and Information Networks, Industry Panelist Session, and Banquet

Day 5 of SAILORS kicked off with a breakfast with PhD student Bob West. After the breakfast, West delivered a presentation on informational networks and how everything in the modern world is interconnected. The presentation also mentioned how researchers can utilize data gathered from websites like and to refine tools like speech-recognition devices.


A tutorial led by Dr. Lamberto Ballan on the nearest neighbor algorithm followed West’s lecture. Students learned how the nearest neighbor algorithm can help in image recognition and classification.

After that, the students had a lunch with AI PhD students and continued working on their research projects.

Campers in the self driving cars research project work on the board as they try to map out a path for their line following robot.

Students then had the opportunity to conduct a panelist discussion with industry professionals. All types of questions were asked, ranging from what hobbies the panelists enjoyed in high school to what work life is like.

The day concluded with a reception, which featured a keynote from Dr. Ruzena Bajcsy, EE and CS professor from Berkeley and one of the first women in robotics. In addition to explaining to us what she is currently working on, Prof. Bajcsy also shared her inspirational life story.

DSC_5212The banquet continued with presentations by program directors Fei Fei Li and Olga Russakovsky, who talked about the vision of SAILORS and plans for next year. After that, the program evaluation team presented about the specific goals of SAILORS and the financial team discussed what it took to bring a program like SAILORS to life.

PicMonkey Collage

SAILORS campers also had the opportunity to present about their research projects. These projects included making hospitals safer with computer vision, assisting disasters with natural language processing, decoding DNA and finding the meaning of the genome, and evaluating and creating self driving cars.


We cannot thank enough all the people — the sponsors, mentors, teachers, PhD students, parents, professors, industry professionals, and campers — who have helped bring SAILORS to life.

With the conclusion of week 1, we are excited for week 2 and we hope the campers are too!

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