Day 9: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Hexacopter Demo, and PID Controllers

Day 8 began with a breakfast and a lecture from Prof. Mykel Kochenderfer. Prof. Kochenderfer’s lecture was about aeronautics and astronautics, and about how researchers are using AI to prevent collisions in the sky.


After the lecture, the students learned about PID controllers. Students learned how each term, proportional, integral, and derivative, changes the condition of the system. Campers had the opportunity to watch live hexacopter demos on how changing various gains affects the flight path when the hexacopter is disturbed.


A lunch and a personal growth session on time management followed the tutorial on PID controllers. During this lecture, students practiced their time management skills by trying to complete the most amount of tasks within a time limit. Tasks included making a conga line, singing songs, coming up with a team name, and many more.




After the personal growth session, students had one of their last sessions with their research projects. Many campers and their project mentors were busy making posters and preparing speeches for their presentations tomorrow.

As the last day of SAILORS approaches, we hope everybody had a fun time learning about various AI topics. We can’t wait to see the presentations that the campers put together tomorrow!


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