Day 6: Machine Learning, Clustering, and more!

Day 6 kicked off with a breakfast with Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Statistics Percy Liang. The campers asked Professor Liang everything from what his current research is about to what his childhood experience was like. Liang also talked about working for Google and in academia, and contrasted those two experiences. 


After the breakfast, Professor Liang gave a presentation about machine learning. Campers learned the basics of this AI topic and were exposed to various implementations of machine learning in the real world. Liang concluded the lecture with resources, such as online blogs and classes, on how to learn more about machine learning. 


The campers participated in a tutorial about clustering, taught by Aditya Grover and Steve Mussmann, who are both CS PhD students. Students learned how clustering can be implemented in the real world, such as in medical imaging, neuroscience, business and marketing.


After the engaging tutorial, the campers enjoyed a lunch with various members of the AI lab, including professors and PhD students.


A personal growth session about time management, given by Melissa Avila, followed the lunch. The campers learned how creating a schedule, prioritizing tasks, setting specific goals, and being realistic can make a day more efficient. They practiced prioritizing tasks by playing a game in teams where certain actions were assigned a point value and the goal was to score the most points in an allotted time. 


The personal growth session was followed by a social hour. The girls talked to each other, the TA’s, and the junior counselors as they recharged before the last event of the day. 

The day concluded with a session with the research projects. Students learned more about the research topic. 

As the 6th day passes by, we can’t wait for the remainder of the week. 

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