Day 2: Introduction to AI, first research groups, and hexacopter demo!


Day two started with a welcome lecture by program director and Stanford AI lab director Fei-Fei Li. Fei-Fei began by discussing the birth of artificial intelligence, introducing what computer vision is, and explaining how and why she and her coworkers founded ImageNet. Fei-Fei’s lecture intrigued students as she delved into everything from how human brains and eyes work to what inspires her to wake up every morning to solve the biggest AI problems.


After the welcome lecture, campers met for the first time in their research group. This year, the four research topics are: Making Hospitals Safer with Computer Vision, Assisting Disaster Relief with Natural Language Processing, Decoding DNA: Finding Meaning in the Genome, and Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Personal Transportation. The girls were introduced to their research area and discussed the humanistic applications of their respective topics.


Pictured above: A camper checks out a robot from the self-driving car course.

After a delicious lunch, the campers had a programming intro, where they learned the basics of Python.



A hexacopter demo followed the programming tutorial. Students learned what PID (proportional-integral-derivative) control was and tested how PID control affected movement by flying hexacopters.



After a quick stop by Tressider Union and the Stanford Bookstore, the students headed for dinner and free time. The night concluded with an Improv Night, where the girls played numerous fun and engaging acting and improv games.




Blog post and photos by Lauren Yang.

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