Day 3: Autonomous car demo, classifier lecture, and NLP lesson

Day 3 started with a classifier lecture. Campers learned about the characteristics of classifiers, such as its features, how to train them, evaluate them, and test them.



After the classifier lecture, the girls had the opportunity to see and demo an autonomous car. The car, named Junior, was a winning submission in the Urban Challenge, an autonomous car competition held in 2007. Campers learned about not only the technical aspect of such cars but also the potential benefits and harms that self-driving cars could have on the world. After the demo, the girls had a chance to eat lunch with members of Zoox, an autonomous car company.




Pictured above: campers pose for a silly group picture with Zoox engineers.

After lunch, the girls engaged in a lecture about natural language processing (NPL) from Professor Percy Liang. The girls broke out into their respective research projects after the lecture.


Pictured above: A camper engages in discussion in the “Assisting Disaster Relief with Natural Language Processing” research project.

The day concluded with a creative writing and spoken word activity and a house meeting.

Blog post and photos by Lauren Yang.

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