Day 4: Field trip to the Computer History Museum, Graph Search, and AI and Airplanes!

The girls began the day with a lesson on graph search. Campers learned about the main graph search algorithms, such as Dijkstra’s algorithm, breadth-first search, and depth-first search.



After that, campers listened to a lecture by Professor Mykel Kochenderfer about airplanes and artificial intelligence. Prof. Kochenderfer discussed how his research in AI algorithms has greatly improved aircraft and aeronautic safety. The girls learned how artificial intelligence is key in maintaining safety and preventing crashes in dynamic environments.



After that, the campers took a field trip to the Computer History Museum. Edward Feigenbaum, a notable computer scientist and artificial intelligence researcher,  led a tour through the museum. Campers not only learned about the birth of computing but also about notable female computer scientists like Ada Lovelace.


The day concluded with a personal growth session about scientific writing, blogging, and sharing research. Guest speakers included Sherol Chen, Melanie Warrick, and Ayman Nadeem.


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