Day 5: Machine Learning Lesson, Jack Rabbot, and AI and government policy

Day 5 began with a lecture on machine learning, in which students learned about supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised AI systems as well as regression and classification.



Students then went to a demonstration of a robot designed by numerous Stanford PhD students and professors. The robot, affectionately named Jack Rabbot, is capable of using various sensors to navigate crowded areas whilst maintaining a human-like sense of social etiquette. More information can be found at



Later in the day, Stanford professor Noah D. Goodman presented a summary of the intersection of psychology and artificial intelligence. In particular, he focused on the use of probabilistic programs in uncertain situations to model human decision-making.

Students worked in their research groups, many beginning to code algorithms. The day proceeded with a talk by David Wallerstein, the Chief Exploration Officer of Chinese internet conglomerate Tencent. He inspired students with his vision of AI as capable of solving the world’s greatest problems.   


Back at the house, Terah Lyons described her career in AI policymaking under the Obama administration. Her dedication to public service and STEM representation in government were incredibly empowering.


Photo by Fiona Hall-Zazueta.

20170629_195344.jpg Photo by Fiona Hall-Zazueta.

Blog post by Amelie Buc and Meili Gupta. Pictures by Lauren Yang and Fiona Hall-Zazueta.

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