Day 8: Field trip to Capitola Beach!

To conclude our weekend at SAILORS, our campers took a trip to Capitola beach. We spent time exploring the village bordering the beach, window shopping, and relaxing in the sand, giving us a chance to collect souvenirs to remember the SAILORS program. This leisurely excursion served as a valuable bonding experience between all of us. Due to the chilly weather, we discarded our original plans to wade in the water. Instead, we explored the village with our friends and reconvened at the beach at 2:30. Several of us visited the quaint restaurants and boutiques Capitola is known for, including their bubble tea shop and beachside market.

After returning back, students were given a few hours to relax and roam the Stanford campus before diving back into their rigorously scheduled week. Students adopted a festive spirit as we (Michelle, Trisha, and Viansa) performed a mock marriage to end the day’s activities.  

To finish off the day, the students retired to bed, looking forward to their final week at SAILORS.

Blog post by Michelle Zhu, Viansa Schmulbach, and Trisha Sengupta.


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