Day 10: Chats with the camp founders and more research!

Day 10 of SAILORS kicked off with a delicious breakfast and plenty of time to continue research.


Photo by Jimin Lee.

After breakfast, everyone split up into the four research groups – Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, Self Driving Cars/ Robotics, and  Cancer Genomics. Having just a couple of days before the presentations of finalized projects, all four projects got together and started to wrap up their work. The Natural Language Processing research group built a classifier and learned about neural networks. The Computer Vision research group finished coding for mapping out poverty in Uganda. The Self Driving Cars/ Robotics research groups applied the Dijkstra Algorithm to their robots and is a step closer to their final challenge. The Cancer Genomics research groups worked with three classifiers for five different types of cancers.

After lunch, we had some more time to work on our projects.

Olga Russakovsky, co-founder of SAILORS, shared her experiences as a woman in STEM, sharing many insights of her career with the us. Her story was so inspiring and motivational for us all to listen to and learn from.


Photo by Lauren Yang.

After dinner, everyone gathered around a warm campfire for the classic 4th of July activity – s’mores!





Photos by Lauren Yang.

The day concluded with the campers having a conversation with Fei-Fei Li. It involved Fei-Fei giving us encouragement and advice for the future, visions for SAILORS, and her personal experience of how she became passionate about AI.



Photo by Lauren Yang.

The girls all learned so much these past two weeks, and can’t wait to start working on posters, share our projects with others, and see what other groups have been working on!

Blog post by Jimin Lee and Esther Cao. Photos by Jimin Lee and Lauren Yang.


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