Day 12: Final Presentations, Poster Session, and Last Day!

The day started with breakfast at the dining hall, as usual. The campers then had about an hour to work on their poster presentations.


Photo by Taylor Fang.


Afterwards, they dispersed into their research groups and prepared to present their projects. After approximately an hour of preparation, the four groups congregated in the Gates Computer Science Building to present the research they had been working on for the past two weeks. The Natural Language Processing Group presented first, describing their work: classifying tweets in order to aid in disaster relief. They explained the various algorithms and classifiers which they used to increase the accuracy of their program, outlining the success of the final product. The NLP Group was followed by the Computer Vision Group; members of this group took turns describing their use of convolutional neural networks (CNN) and satellite imaging to map out poverty in Uganda. The Computational Biology Group followed, describing their project which involved experimenting with various classifiers to analyze gene expression data. Through their research, they identified the optimal classifiers for each dataset, allowing them to more accurately diagnose cancer. Finally, the Robotics Group presented their work, which involved the programming of autonomous cars to follow a route using closed-loop control, Dijkstra’s algorithm, and PID (Proportional, Integral, and Derivative) control.


Photo by Lauren Yang.


Photo by Lauren Yang.


Photo by Lauren Yang.


Photo by Lauren Yang.

After the presentations, the campers, their instructors, and the counselors went outside to have lunch, also taking the opportunity to take group photos. Afterwards, the returned to the presentation room to begin the poster session.


During the poster session, campers presented their work to various Stanford professors, PhD students, and friends and family. They also took the opportunity to visit other projects.


Photo by Taylor Fang.


Photo by Lauren Yang.


Photo by Lauren Yang.


Photo by Lauren Yang.


Photo by Lauren Yang.

The presentations were followed by four brief lectures, given by Rick Sommer (director of Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies), a Stanford Online High School representative, a SAILORS alumna, and a She++ Co-Director. The final lecture was given by Emma Brunskill, who talked about her work in improving online education algorithms.


After the lecture, the SAILORS returned to Synergy for dinner with several AI4All board members. They split into groups to talk about how SAILORS has changed them, as well as how to continue doing work in the field of artificial intelligence. The board members administered an Alumni Survey, and the campers also took a Post-Program Survey.


After the survey, the campers went upstairs to pack and say goodbyes. SAILORS 2017 was an incredible success – although the camp lasted only 2 weeks, the knowledge, self-esteem, and friendships gained will remain with the SAILORS for a lifetime.

Blog post by Taylor Fang, Anne Li, and Joanna Liu. Photos by Taylor Fang and Lauren Yang.


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