Day 6: Natural Language Processing, Design Thinking, and a Haptic Sugrical Demo

Day 6 kicked off with a breakfast and a lecture with Professor Percy Liang. Liang talked about natural language processing (NLP) and touched on numerous concepts ranging from the challenges NLP faces to how NLP is implemented in the real world.


A tutorial on extracting meaning from correlation, led by PhD student Will Hamilton, followed Prof. Liang’s lecture. Students learned how researchers “teach” computers to understand words and how scientists can implement similar techniques to other areas of study, such as gene analysis.

After a lunch with AI professors and PhD students, the campers learned design thinking from co-founder of Embrace Linus Liang. Students applied the design thinking process into creating a backpack. After the lesson, students were encouraged to apply this technique to solve all kinds of problems.


A demo of various haptic devices followed the design thinking lecture. Campers had the opportunity to interact with a surgical device that gave haptic feedback, a haptic 3D modeling stylus, and a personal assistant robot.


After the demo, the students concluded the day with a session with their research projects.

We hope everybody had fun learning about all the different concepts and ideas today and we can’t wait for day 7!